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how do you like them apples?

Jul. 14th, 2004

03:36 pm - howsabout...?

how's about we do this...
i need to get back into mixtaping after a reasonably long absence, and what better way than a freaking theme mix-making fun-time awesomeness?
suggest a theme, i'll suggest some, we pick one, we'll each make one, and try a mix exchange if we can. if not i'm just going to make a few and pretend that i can exchange with someone.
ok? ok. break!

Feb. 11th, 2004

09:40 pm

i need to update. i feel like this community was, hmm, how can i say it? the worst mistake ever, maybe. i will not, however, abandon this silly idea if anyone (besides ted) would like to do a mix-tape swap. it's sad, i have been working on a mixtape since i moved to madison in august and it's never going to be finished. i think i have like 4 songs. i just am no longer in the mood of that tape. i need the proper motivation to finish it.
on another, much different note, in anti-bride everyone's talking about what is on their "play" and "do not play" lists at their weddings. obviously, mine will be a challenge since ted is a music-y guy and i'm just a punk-rock old country music retard. so, anybody, make me a play/do not play list. i need suggestions. yee ha.

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Sep. 18th, 2003

08:00 pm - a fun sort of poll

ok, here's what we're gonna do...
list your all time favorite mix-tape staple, one or two songs that you absolutely can't live without...
mine has got to be REO Speedwagon, Keep on Loving you
Mr. Big, Just to be the next to be with you
keep posting!!!

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Current Music: reel big fish-sell out

06:10 pm

let's get one thing straight here boy. i am the ultimate mix taper, the greatest of all time; ninty minutes, sixty minutes, or the fo . five, i kill anyone at taping. some even go as far as calling me the master taper or sexy ted the master taping wizzzzzzard of love. if anyone even attempts to step to me they will be killed and roasted like a fuckin goat in a greek man's back yard, therefore do not attempt because i don't want to eat you, you are salty and you will make me fat. also, i recommmend that if you are a faygo who tapes from cd's you do not post here unless you are an authentic taper (ie from vinyl a la high fidelity). unless of course it is an emergency, like you really need to put an awk song on your tape, don't try to pass off the cd version of "jane" as the vinyl 45, we can tell. pretty much i am here to be an elist who tells all of you how bad you suck because i waste my time and money buying thousands of cool old records like ronnie james dio's classic "holy diver" don't be intimidated, i don't care what all y'all niggas do. i'm just enforcing some old testament laws of taping. mix taping is good in any format. so do it. with your mom. with your brothers. with anyone who will do it. it is fun. so are you. rock over london. rock on chicago. wheaties. the breakfast of champions.

Current Music: mr. big - come on, how many mr. big songs do you really know

06:01 pm - oh look how exciting!!!

new community. created by me. for posting in. for posts about mixtapes and whatnot. maybe we can even get a mixtape exchange going here sooner or later, once we get some members. tell your friends! join! you know you want to!

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Current Music: the wind...hurricanes are so nice, aren't they?